Non-Trucking Liability

Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) provides coverage in case you cause an accident while you are using your vehicle for non-business or personal use other than transporting goods or merchandise. It protects the owner-operator from any liability claims in case of accident when the vehicle is not used for business purposes, and whether there’s a trailer in tow or not. Non trucking liability also protects the motor carrier when a full-time leased driver is not under dispatch. If for example, you are a permanently leased contract trucker, the primary liability coverage your motor carrier provides for you will not apply but the non-trucking will, if you are not under dispatch when you use the vehicle at the time of the accident. Non trucking liability insurance applies only to circumstances when the truck is being used for non-commercial purposes. If you are ever driving your truck for non-business related purposes or for personal use and you are off duty when you get into an accident causing bodily injury and/or property damage to another party, your primary auto liability coverage (policy) will not pay for the expenses since you are not under dispatch. It is the non-trucking liability which will covert the medical expenses necessary or repairs to other car/property subject to the policy limits.